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Air Land & Sea Express is an independent incorporated Veteran Owned 3rd party logistics corporation providing domestic and international services. As a world class logistics services provider we have partnered with over 1,000 specialized logistics providers throughout the world. We have spent the last 30 years screening and finding the very best companies in our industry to partner with. During this time we have fine tuned our ability to utilize our partner's strengths for various scenarios. In doing so, Air Land & Sea is able to provide unique, reliable, and cost effective shipping solutions for any of your transportation requirements.

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Third Party Logistics

Logistics providers specialize in integrated operation, warehousing and transportation services. These services are scaled and customized to a customer's specific needs. The service is then performed through duties such as quoting, booking, routing, and auditing. A 3PL provider is successful when it leverages exceptional expertise and ability in the areas of operations, negotiations, and customer service in a way that complements its customers' pre-existing physical assets.