Beginning Harper’s Sweetheart Tweets one to Lolo Jones try a great “Hoe” for the Prozac — Madness

Harper can never obtain the news focus you to Lolo has received by the brand of people she actually is. Her real profile might have been shown as a result of her tips and you will terms over the last 4 decades.

This is the exact same reasoning you never select Mike Vick otherwise Plaxico Burres doing national Tv advertising. About Vick might have been wise adequate to strive to changes their image. We extremely question that Harper is.

These people were one another brought in an inner city town, thus regarding a presentation/presentation perspective the general public can say contained in this ten seconds out of listening on it in which they spent my youth.

In my opinion she is very beautiful. I’m simply pissed end in she will most likely meet specific NFL star and stay went. The ladies regarding my fantasies. cannot discover I occur. Pisses myself out of. However, pledge she’s a future therefore the smartest life into the the entire world. Best wishes LoLo!

One to question you to stuck my attention regarding the Lolo top towards Olympics are just how many advisers she for the rates dial to store her emotionally compliment. She sounded such a good damage. Managed to get even more epic when she ran better when it mentioned in the Olympics.

With Goodness on the our top similar to this, how can we clean out?

My personal spouse and i only finished an excellent 5 mile jog, and you may seated down to read well known letsrun community forum. Wow, this bond is like a soap opera! I decided to do a bit of Google hunting so you can piece together specific perspective, and it’s maybe not looking good with the loving pair Beginning and you may Alonzo. Here’s all of our need:

JJK attempts to give Dawn specific information, and you will Tommy Sotomayor tries to render Dawn’s boyfriend certain guidance. For many that simply don’t understand, Tommy Sotomayor try kinda such as for instance our very own Jon Stewart away from Statement Maher, a small crude but comedy just like the hell and generally towards point. When you should not pay attention to people in their community seeking to give you advice, Perhaps you gotta journey the new revolution! This will be classic ish:

JACKIE JOYRNER’S Recommendations So you’re able to Dawn HARPER:”Every person wants sponsorship, folks would like to end up being offered. not everyone is marketable. Simply work. Don’t get worried from the who has got taking attract or not getting appeal. Move out around, work on your own way, play, and just what will come to you was what will come your way.”

Alonzo Nelson (): Why should you will be making such as for example allegations? Just what facts r you writing frm. Ppl obviously tend to trust whatever they want to.

Tommy Soto: Dude You RETWEETED A guy Calling LOLO JONES A good HOE, Why must You are doing Something? Surely How come Which help Start?

Alonzo Nelson (): Oh! We pay attention to you. Had ya. Funny how you to retweet provides you to definitely a false effect of some other.

Alonzo Nelson (): Your body and mind was an appealing servers

Alonzo Nelson (): Therefore, precisely what do do you believe? In the event that God didn’t think twice to place everything you at stake having all of us, turning to our very own position and you can introducing himself to the poor by the giving his or her own Guy, is there something he wouldn’t joyfully and freely perform for all of us? And you may that would challenge tangle having God from the fooling which have that regarding God’s selected? Who does dare even to point a fist?

ALONZO NELSON’S Reaction to TOMMY SOTOMAYOR’S Suggestions: “Exactly how challenge you expect us to suggest what i state. It’s preposterous you to my personal conditions and methods have any definition so you’re able to him or her. Foolishness! And oh incidentally, allow me to offer particular scripture to let you know you are messing that have one of God’s selected (myself, without a doubt). And whiplr it’s really because the I’m certainly one of God’s picked, I’m able to freely retweet/tweet on the anybody getting ‘hoes on prozac’. That is God’s usually! Plus one a whole lot more point. Increase same as that.”

Whew. so it Alonzo profile is right away from a spike Lee motion picture. Reminded my spouse and that i regarding alot of the brand new black colored pastors in our people, preaching for three days into Sunday on the righteousness, and then covertly fucking 2 or 3 feamales in the fresh new church privately and you will embezzling half the building fund, produce he could be “one of God’s chose!” Dude are unable to even accept the guy generated an error, apologize, and you will move one to. YWMV oughta perform videos just on this subject man.