Synopsis: Tradeshow


A new client planned on attending 4 shows in a 30 day period. They had various display and collateral materials sourced in different cities which would need to be resupplied at least once during the 30 day period. The client wanted Air Land & Sea Express to see if we could find a feasible and economical solution to their trade show scenario, without endangering them of missing or being late for any of the shows.

Project Requirements

  • Expedited services
  • Consolidation of freight
  • Multi-modal service coordination
  • Warehousing


Traditionally, most companies touring trade shows would need to have their materials at one location prior to shipping to an event. Materials would then be sent back to a specific location after each trade show to resupply in and be inspected for missing/damaged materials. Due to the number of shows in such a short period of time, this would have been very expensive and impractical to do so.

ALS Solution

  • Optimize the opportunities to use economy services.
  • Use multi-mode expedited service to ensure timely arrival of materials not ready or present when bulk of materials left for tradeshow.
  • Consolidated freight coming from multiple shipper locations at a partner's facility. In doing so, it made shipping trade show materials back to the client's corporate office after each show unnecessary. Due to the volume of trade shows in such a short period, many of the trips save were costly expedited shipments.
  • Provided warehousing during an 11 day break between shows avoiding another unnecessary economy shipment back to our customer's facility.


ALS successfully provided on time transportation, consolidation, and warehousing for clients trade show materials. The client was prepared for all 4 of the shows and did so with an estimated savings of 40% of the cost of shipping when compared to their strategy prior to ALS implementing a custom designed solution.

By entrusting ALS Express with their logistic requirements for all four shows, they were able to enhance productivity during their "show time."

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