Synopsis: Government Contractors


The hiring and training of a large government workforce for the newly created Transportation Security Administration is severely behind schedule. Because of many logistical problems, after the first six months of start up less than 10 percent of the passenger screener workforce had been hired and trained. With only 16 weeks left to meet the Presidential deadline Air, Land and Sea Express was contacted for solutions to meet the deadline.

Project Requirements

  • Strict security protocols
  • Comprehensive logistic services to all US commercial airports
  • Multi-modal service coordination
  • Broad variety of time specific shipments
  • 24/7 services, with predominance on weekends


After the terrorists attack of 9/11 our government's investigation determined the major security fault was on ineffective screening of airline passengers by the broad variety of independent commercial companies contracted by each airport around the country. To correct this security breach, a presidential mandate was put into effect that by 11/18/02 that the government would replace all existing passenger screeners with a brand new, properly trained workforce of over 50,000 federal employees. Thus, the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was created under the newly created Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

ALS Solution

  • Strict Security Protocol – 100% of ALS employees are SSI trained, and certified and through a system of over 500 partner firms across the US that are all SSI certified, ALS can provide seamless security to all of the shipments while in transit.
  • Total Logistic Service– ALS designed multiple service options to and from all 429 commercial airports within CONUS and all US possessions and territories.
  • Multi-Modal Service – ALS designed carrier and mode options that consisted of full and partial truckloads, LTL, scheduled FAK carriers, air cargo, ocean and the exclusive use of a varieties of transportation equipment.
  • Time Specific Shipments regardless of time of tender – ALS designed a variety of flexible service solutions determined by specific time of tender and transit requirements. During the initial 16 week rollout to establish and train the TSA screener workforce, over 70% of 250,000 pounds of freight per week was not available for tender until after 5 p.m. on Friday, and yet all shipments had to be delivered and in place at all the training sites for class starts at 8 a.m. Monday morning.


The 100% on time performance by ALS was recognized and rewarded by the TSA with a Five year renewal of this contract, and extensions since then. From its inception in 2002 to present date, ALS is the major logistics provider for the TSA training programs.

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