Cargo Insurance

Values up to $100

Air Land & Sea Express provides automatic insurance coverage free of charge for all shipments valued up to $100. This covers shipments in case of loss, theft or damage occurring while shipment is in transit. This coverage is complimentary for anyone using Air Land & Sea Express for their shipping needs and is automatically provided as long as the value is verifiable from the commercial invoice that you originally attached to the shipment.

Values exceeding $100

For shipments in excess of $100, Air Land & Sea Express will provide insurance at a rate of $0.50 per hundred dollars of value(Domestic) and $0.65(International), calculated at your declared value for insurance on the Courier Waybill plus freight charges. The rate is as 0.5% x $ value, for example: (.005) x $2000 value = $10.00. There is a minimum charge of $5 for domestic insurance.


  • There is a $5.00 minimum charge for insurance.
  • For personal effects, the rate is the same as commercial.
  • Your declared value for insurance, as shown on the Air Land & Sea Express Waybill, may not exceed the declared value for customs on the Waybill, or the value declared on the commercial invoice.
  • ***Rates and minimums for international shipments may vary depending on the destination and the commodity.

All you need to do to order this insurance is check the 'Yes' box for declared value on the Air Land & Sea Express waybill, and indicate the contents, intended use, and insured value in the spaces provided.

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